Today’s Reading

Romans 9:1-18

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By Grace Alone

Does God choose some to be saved? According to today’s reading the answer is yes. Does that mean that God chooses some people to go to hell? According to this passage the answer is no. While this might seem to be a contradiction, this passage helps us understand election more clearly. Paul tells us that men come to Christ according to God’s purpose, not because of what they have done. He illustrates this truth with the life of Rebekah. Before the twins, Esau & Jacob, were even born and could do good or evil, God chose Jacob over Esau. Does that make God unjust? No. All men throughout all time deserve to go to hell. No one who goes to hell can say he deserved anything else. God has simply chosen to bestow mercy on some. We can accuse God of having selective mercy, but we can never accuse Him of being unfair because we all deserve hell. God wants those of us who have received Christ by faith to know we had nothing to do with our salvation. We should have hearts that are filled with humble gratitude for what God has given to us and serve Him with love and devotion every day of our lives. We have what we don’t deserve!

Today’s Questions

Say What?

Why do people have such a hard time grasping the idea election?

So What?

What impact does this truth have on how we view our salvation?

Now What?

How should you respond in light of the fact that God chose

Then What?

What personal commitment will you make based on today’s reading?