Today’s Reading

James 2:1-13

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How would you define favoritism? Does it exist at all in your church or unit? What can you do about it? The answers to all of these questions are found in today’s reading. The word translated favoritism in verse one means “to show partiality based on outward appearance.” Favoritism is being influenced by external qualities like appearance, possessions, education, popularity, etc. The example James gave illustrates what it looked like. This church treated people differently, not based on what was in their hearts, but on what others saw outwardly. The rich man got kindness and a seat of honor, the poor man did not. That is sin and shows that we judge people with evil thoughts. James then demonstrated that God does not show favoritism based on external appearances. In fact, the poor have a greater opportunity for spiritual growth than the rich. Do you show favoritism? Are there people at your church you do not sit with or talk to because of external qualities like appearance or how wealthy they are? We need to love people as God does. In what ways do you need to change?

Today’s Questions

Say What?

How do you see favoritiem displayed in your unit or your church?

So What?

How do you demonstrate favoritism at church or unit?

Now What?

How can you stop showing favoritism and love others instead?

Then What?

In light of this passage, what personal commitment can you make?