Today’s Reading

James 4:1-10

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Friendship With the World

What does it mean to have friendship with the world? Does it mean that we should not be friends with unsaved people at work? James gives us this important principle that we need to understand so that we do not violate it or apply it in error. The world James has in mind, is not the planet earth or the people in the world. He is talking about this world’s system or society. He is not saying we should not be friends with people in the world. He is warning us however against being friendly with this world’s views and positions. The world’s philosophy says that money is number one. I am friends with the world when I believe it and make decisions based on it. The world says I should seek to be first, look out for #1. I am friends with the world when I make that my life’s philosophy. We should never support or encourage that philosophy. If we do, we stand in direct opposition to God. Friendship with this world’s system is enmity or separation from God. How friendly are you with the world? Do you allow its values to affect your decisions now and for the future? Have you adopted its goals for your own life?

Today’s Questions

Say What?

Observation: What do I see?

So What?

Interpretation: What does it mean?

Now What?

Application: How does it apply to me?

Then What?

Implementation: What do I do?