Today’s Reading

James 5:1-12

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Never Give Up!

Do you ever feel like giving up? You have tried your best to make it through, but nothing seems to be changing. There is no end in sight, and you just can’t go on any more. If you could just be sure that God was going to move, you could hold on a little longer, but you just can’t. Well, if that is how you feel today, or if you know someone who feels like this, this passage will bring comfort. James tells us to be patient. He reminds us that the Lord is coming and we need to keep holding on. His example is the farmer who plants his seed and then waits patiently for the crop to come. Rain comes and goes, sunshine comes and goes, and then the harvest arrives. James says likewise we need to stand firm and not give in to the trials we are facing. God’s coming is near, and we must hold on. We must also remember the prophets who were before us. They set an example for us to follow. They faced great trials, but one day the end came. What are you now facing that makes you feel as though you can’t go on? Be patient, God is at work, and He will always move on your behalf. Don’t give up!! Do you know someone you can share this with?

Today’s Questions

Say What?

Why is it so hard to keep on going at times?

So What?

Who in Scripture faced trials similar to your current sitation?

Now What?

How can you use their examples to encourage you in your circumstances?

Then What?

In light of this passage, what personal commitment can you make?