About This Project

This site started with an idea, back in 2009, to develop a 12-month military devotional from the framework up. We wanted to actually build it for military personnel, not just slap a camo cover on an existing resource. And we wanted to make this resource free for the very people that fight for our ability to freely produce this sort of resource… and those that went ahead of them. Like any worthwhile project, it took leadership, a team of committed experts and some resource to make it happen.


This OnTrack Military Edition devotional set is the product of countless hours of work by a development team dedicated to investing their gifts and experience to help unlock the Word of God for our military personnel. We cannot repay the debt we owe you for serving this country, but we can thank you with what we are able to produce because we are free. As such, the following are a few of the many that took part in this endeavor:

Why MOTD is valuable, from a retired chaplain who helped develop it.


MOTDStudyI am pleased to recommend Military OnTrack Devotions (OTD) Bible study series as a practical tool to develop a sincere study of God’s Word. This month by month study, developed by a former Marine, guides the reader into a thoughtful meditation from selected scriptures. Through provocative questions and stimulating comments the reader is then led through a process of interpretation and application of the text. OnTrack Devotions materials are superb Biblical accompaniments to develop spiritual growth in the committed Christian.

This OTD series is a perfect devotional study that adapts to the high OPTEMPO lives of today’s military personnel. The presentations are efficient and to the point. They deal with substantive issues and are always true to the Word. OTD encourages and requires the same kind of disciplined attention to spiritual duty as the armed services require of their military personnel in order to produce Christian soldiers trained to do battle with the spiritual enemy.

Military OTD was conceived out of a heart of love and passion for the Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine who wants to get serious about a routine of daily devotions. I recommend the Military OTD’s insightful studies as means to further one’s knowledge of the Bible and develop spiritual maturity. Our prayers are asking the Lord to use these Bible study guides to touch the lives of those courageous men and women who wear the uniform of our country in order to protect and defend us. May God bless them and protect them.


James E. May, Chaplain (COL-R, US Army)

A message from the editor to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

Timothy R. Morris (front right) with guys from 2/2 Fox at Camp Lejeune the day before deployment.

Timothy R. Morris (front right) with guys from 2/2 Fox at Camp Lejeune the day before deployment.

Some of the hardest periods in my life to be a Christian was the time I spent in the military. Sure I was in Iraq , amongst many other places , but the hardest part was when we were not in combat. It was in the down time and in garrison, the time that gave us the freedom to put our money and our time where WE wanted to. I know there may not be too much of that for you right now, but there is a little, however small it may be.

I also found it to be easy to be a Christian at times in the military. When I made a stand on something , the men around me expected me to keep my word. It would have spoken much more to them if they heard me say one thing and observed me doing another. They wanted to know that if I was saying , “I will have your back,” they could count on it.

When I was in the infantry, I thought I was the only one who had this challenge. I have since learned otherwise. It seems that all service members deal with similar situations. I am not the only one who struggled living out their faith in the military. That is a big reason this devotional project is so personal for me. Read it and allow it to guide your interaction with the Word of God. Keep in mind, if you feel at times as if you are the only one left in the military who is a Christian, that you are not alone. You can serve your God and your Country honorably at the same time. Wherever you are, BE SAFE and THANK YOU for continually protecting our freedom. I appreciate it.

Timothy R. Morris (SGT , USMC)
Editing for Military OnTrack Devotions